Fai & Mai specializes in designing and installing landscape irrigation systems that are super water efficient. We are confident that our quality service, attention to details, and low pricing will be attractive to any client.

Landscape Design

Fai & Mai has a team of landscape designers and design assistants that utilize a combination of hand-rendered and computer-generated (CAD) drawings.

Studies & Research

Fai & Mai is specialized in water management we offer our clients custom solutions using an advanced methodologies which can extend consumers’ knowledge to business insights.

Eng. Mahmoud Al Akhras
  • M.Sc. Degree in Soil and Irrigation.
  • Graduate Agriculture Engineer with experience mainly in the irrigation system planning and design, irrigation management, surface Hydrology, Feasibility Studies and socio economics in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
Irrigation system planning and design

Design of many irrigation systems in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, mainly drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, automated irrigation, and surface irrigation.

Irrigation Management

Irrigation Management, performing water budget for Aqaba treated waste water plant USAID/Jordan.

General Manager

Eng. Mahmoud Al Akhras
M.Sc. Degree in Soil and Irrigation

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